After Effects Rendering Help

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Purchasing Render Blocks

Render Blocks are credits used toward render time at any priority level. We use render blocks instead of fixed pricing for each priority because some projects may have multiple compositions to be rendered with varying deadlines. Render Blocks never expire so any remaining Blocks from a previous project can be used towards your next project at any priority level.

In order to purchase Render Blocks you must register and activate your account.

Use our Render Calculator to estimate the time and cost of rendering your project.

Due to the complexity of some After Effects compositions, the render calculator is only an estimate so actual render times and total costs may vary.
Our team will notify you immediately if the actual render time will be greater than estimated. In most cases we will continue to render the project without awaiting client approval. However, projects where the estimated time is going to exceed 25% or greater than estimated will be stopped until we receive client approval and any additional required payment.

Preparing After Effects Project Files

  1. Choose File > Dependencies > Collect Files
  2. In the Collect Files dialog box, choose "For Selected Comps"
  3. Check the "Reduce Files" option box
  4. Click Collect. Name the folder and specify a location for your collected files
  5. Create a folder named Fonts inside the collected files folder and include any fonts used in your comp(s)
  6. Compress your collected files folder using zip or rar format (rar works best for large files)
  7. Submit project details and upload compressed project files
After Effects Collect FIles dialog box

Uploading Project Files

As soon as you submit your project details, you will be forwarded to the Upload page. Simply click the "Browse"" button to select your compressed zip or rar file, then press "Upload".

Do NOT close your browser window during upload!

If you prefer to share your project files via Dropbox or OneDrive please state so in the "Notes" section of the New Project form. We will then create a shared folder for your projects.

Downloading Output Files

Files will be available for download over a secured (https) connection either via URL/hyperlink or via Dropbox or OneDrive.

Once output files have been downloaded and confirmed, we will delete all project and output files.
Be sure to backup all your project files, assets and outputs.